How to create email campaigns using Constant Contact (Part 1)

In this post, I will walk through the process of creating an email campaign using one of the top online e-marketing services - ConstantContact.
Specifically, I will dwell on adding pictures and links to the email template. 
Below is the email template we'll be using to create our email campaign.

The theme of our campaign is a christian message titled "The love of God towards His children".

How to modify a link (URL)
We'll be modifying the top section of the email content, the part with the header that says
"Provide a short heading to describe this section". We'll change the title to "God's love for you".
The "Call-to-action" link will be changed to "Read more about God's love" and we will make it
a link to a Youtube video.
The following screen shots show how this is done.
1)Double click on the top section to edit the content as shown below:

Modify the text as shown and select the text in green color, that's the link URL we are going to modify next.
With the URL text selected, click on the link button, the button with the red arrow pointing as shown below:

A dialog box titled "Insert Link" pops up as shown below:

Modify the link details as shown below:

Click on the yellow "Insert" button to insert the modified link. The screen shot below shows the outcome.

Click on the "Save" button, the one with the red arrow pointing to save all modifications. The screen shot below shows what we have.

In Part 2, we'll show how to upload and add new photos/images to our email template.


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