How to create email campaigns using Constant Contact (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we showed how to modify URL links in sections of our Constant Contact email template.

In this part, we'll show how to upload and add photos/images to parts of our email template.

Here we'll be changing the logo image in the top section shown below:


As you can see, its a dummy image place holder. We'll proceed to change it by double clicking on the dummy image
to bring up the edit dialog show below: 


In the screen shot above, you'll notice a side box appears in the left with a menu list for inserting document links,
video links etc. We'll be using the "Image" item, this we'll drag and drop on the dummy logo image as shown below:



When we do that, another dialog box pops up as shown below. We'll be uploading our preferred image/photo from this new dialog box.


Click on the "Upload File" button at the top to upload your preferred image/photo. The following screen shots show the progression of
tasks to upload an image/photo from your computer to Constant Contact.



Click on the "browse your computer to upload" link. Select your preferred image, the dialog changes to the screen shot below:


Click on the "Upload files" button to upload the select image to Constant Contact. You get a confirmation screen showing you've
successfully uploaded a file, this is shown below:


Click on Done to go back to the former dialog box show below:



Hover the mouse over the photo you uploaded and click on the yellow "Insert" button in the above screen shot. This inserts the uploaded
image into our logo section as shown below:



Click on the "Save" button to save our modifications. The next screen shot shows our final result.



Thats a wrap! Enjoy!

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