ERP Sytems implementation   Service

With our seasoned team of ERP experts, we help our clients implement popular ERP systems from accounting, customer management to supply chain management etc.

Contact us for further details.

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Security systems installation   Service

Contact us for the setup/installation/maintenance of the following :

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Big data implementation   Service

Contact us for implementation and custom application development on any of the following big data systems/applications :

  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Hive/Pig/Sqoop
  • Apache Spark
  • MongoDb
  • Redis
  • Couchbase/CouchDB
  • ElasticSearch
  • Apache Solr

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IT Consultancy   Service

We help our clients develop and deploy multi-platform applications, integrate existing systems with partner/vendor systems and reduce cost of IT across board.

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IT Outsourcing   Service

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